Rainforest In The City

Featuring the first Forest Mapping Light Projection in Sarawak

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Virtual Charity Concert (Bloopers)

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Formerly called ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS), AXEAN Showcase Festival has announced this year’s edition with amazing lineups across SEA and beyond, which will be held at the Goodman Art Centre, Singapore.

Kuching Music City

Sarawak has established itself as a notable hub for nurturing distinctive talents, with several individuals gaining recognition in the contemporary landscape and leaving an indelible mark on the global entertainment industry. Need convincing? Explore further details below.

Explore the intricate journey of exporting musical talent from Sarawak on a global scale through the lens of our academic journal. Focused on music education, infrastructure, and strategic promotion, we aim to create a supportive environment for local musicians, contributing to both the state’s economy and cultural identity. Our strategies include international partnerships, a dedicated digital platform, and the fusion of traditional indigenous music with modern production. Join us as we unravel Sarawak’s musical narrative and celebrate the diverse talents shaping its vibrant musical ecosystem.

Some notable Sarawakian talent worth mentioning..

Malaysian ensemble At Adau was formed in June 2014. They perform ancient melodies and rhythms from the different tribes in Borneo fused with contemporary elements.


Alvin Wee, a Kuching-born music mixer, recording engineer, and film, television, and video game music producer based in LA, is elated to have secured the Cinema Audio Society Award as the Scoring Mixer for Disney’s Encanto soundtrack.


The film industry is an integral part of the music ecosystem, making it relevant to highlight James Wan, an Australian filmmaker born in Kuching! 🙂


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